“Talks” group and Studio 20 plan to organize a series of discussions dedicated to the rethinking and assessment of the 2008-2011 Movement. What did the society want, what did the defined groups want, what were the expectations of people about the change of everyday life, what formulations did this various desires get (and did they get at all) in the public and political discourse, and the other side of the question – what pronounced or unpronounced expectations did the world have from us.

The series will start with Ara Nedolyan’s lecture “Third Revolution”. The speaker believes that there have been two revolutions – national liberation – 1988 (successful), constitutional and state building - 2008-11 – mostly unsuccessful but not yet complete, the current phase of the struggle for the preservation of the Constitution (i.e. state), and the third Revolution standing behind them, penetrating them – the perspective of the socio-cultural revolution.

What was that third one, what was it to be about, how much was it reflected in the second one, how is the fading of the social-cultural revolution inevitably bring to the loss of the results of both constitutional and even national-liberation revolutions.