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Society and Art in China and Hong Kong is the general theme of this SCreENERY event coming Sunday.

While we want to give you a glimpse of what art is like in China with Never Sorry--a doucmentary on Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei, we'll also have Hong Kong-based artist Teresa Leung to share with us some photos of protest visuals at one of the demonstration sites during last year's Umbrella Movement that demanded Beijing to do what it has promised Hong Kong before the sovereignty handover in 1997: genuine unviersal suffrage and democracy in the city.

Teresa is now in Yerevan as an artist-in-residence with local art and cultural organization Today Art Initiative and with support from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Maybe you have already met her and took part in her recent art project in which she gifts you one of her post cards.

Following her exhibit we'll watch the documentary on Ai Wei Wei - Never Sorry (2012)

Trailer -
duration - 1 hr 31 min.
language - Mandarin, English subtitles

除了一同觀看有關中國藝術工作者艾未未的紀錄片Never Sorry, 也邀請了香港藝術工作者Teresa Leung跟我們分享有關去年香港雨傘運動中在旺角的示威視覺 (protest visuals) 照片。雨傘運動的訴求,就是97主權移交以後在香港落實民主及真普選。
她現於亞美尼亞首都埃里溫市進行駐場計劃,該計劃由當地藝術與文化組織Today Art Initiative策劃,香港藝術發展局支持。
在展示照片以後,我們會放映Never Sorry (2012)
片長: 91分鐘