“Talks” group and Studio 20 invite you to Sofia Manukyan’s lecture on the theme “Symptoms of the End of Capitalism” on February 6, 5 p.m.

Today such processes occur in the world that - although early to be assessed - but represent a new way of thinking, new worldviews, new ways of organisation (better to say well forgotten old ways) that promise to offer alternative approaches to ubiquitous everyday life, lifestyle and mind-set. Greece, Argentine, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Italy, Spain… These initiatives have the potential to gather around all those disappointed in the current social, economic and political system and, as the number of people joining these initiatives shows, they are not a small number. Moreover, they are ready to share their experience with similar movements starting in other parts of the world.

We will speak about some of them during the next regular meeting of the “Talks”.

After the lecture and discussion artist Karen Andreassian will show a media project in a movie format on the topic of the lecture.