EVN 24 Hour Theatre in collaboration with Studio 20 (Artbasis) presents "Something Broken". The piece was created and premiered during the HighFest International Performing Arts Festival in format of 24 Hour Play. The writers are Brian Postalian and Nina Romá Agvanian.

On Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015 at 8:00 pm we will perform the piece once again. This time the writers, Brian and Nina, will direct and will perform in the piece!

This way we will bid farewell to one of our most creative and talented community members Brian Postalian. Brian has been an inspiring addition to EVN 24 Hour Theatre's projects in the past few months and we are sad to see him go. Please join us for an evening of theatre, interesting conversations, and make sure to say "goodbye" or "see you soon" to a beautiful soul and an amazing human being.
The event is open to public and is in style of BYOB!