platform invites you to presentation by an artist from Germany Ulrike Möschel. In September and October she lives and works in Tbilisi, in the framework of the Frauenkulturbüro NRW International Exchange program.

Ulrike Möschel is an artist working in the field of moving images, drawings and mainly three dimensional works such as sculpture and installation.
In her work Ulrike Möschel analyses and questions how things are isolated and transformed as well as what their inherent danger or fragility might be. Other topics are childhood, fragility and architecture, which are often varied and connected by her.

Familiar objects are questioned as to what their conventional function actually is. They are transformed or manipulated, so that they become disturbing factors. But at the same time they can also develop a sculptural quality with a humorous quality or a poetic beauty.

Ulrike Möschels (* 1972) work got many awards, such as from the Kunsttstiftung NRW, Cusanuswerk Bonn. She has spent many months in residencies in Istanbul, Finland and in Japan.

Her work was shown in institutions and in galleries as Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Kunsthalle Hamburger Platz, Berlin, Kunstverein Bochum, Kunstverein Kassel, Kunsthalle Nürnberg, Rupert Pfab Gallery, Düsseldorf and many other places.From 2008-2011 Ulrike Möschel has taught at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal.

Ulrike Möschel was educated at the Art Academy, Münster and the Art Academy Düsseldorf. She is a master student of Jannis Kounellis, other teachers of her were Ulrich Erben and Timm Ulrichs.
Ulrike Möschel