“I became aware that all sounds can make meaningful language.“
Karlheinz Stockhausen

In the course of this lecture Ārash Āzādi, an Iranian born composer of multidisciplinary performance and electroacoustic music, selected artist of festivals like Berlin CTM and Barcelona MIXTUR, whose works have been performed in several countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Iran and Armenia, will go through the genesis of Noise Music as well as covering both technical and aesthetic points. Through the course of the lecture he will present the major tools and techniques of Noise Music such as his DIY noise generator synthesizers, analogue samplers, tape, effect pedals as well as digital softwares and coding patches.

The event will end with an audiovisual performance using the shown technologies.

Featuring Artist: Marut Marutyan – Electric Guitar

Language: the lecture will be done in English.

This lecture is a part of the project Diachrony, that is realized in the frames of the “Regional Art and Culture Project in the South Caucasus”, which is managed by the Culture and Management Lab with financial support of the Swiss Cooperation Office for the South Caucasus (SCO).

Entrance: Free

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