“Talks” group and Studio 20 invite you to the lecture by Nazareth Karoyan, art critic, curator and founder and director of ICA.

All existing practices in the field of social activities are in continuous state of exchanges and interactions.

The density of relationships between science, religion, politics, art and economic activities brings about consequences that generate unrecognizable changes within the production contents typical to those activities. Let us assume the relationship between art and economic activity. Already from the second half of the 20th century we see everywhere how the product packaging, e.i. the image and the symbolic become the main concern for production activities. And how the art and the artist, for their part, started to become fully preoccupied with organisational and management issues…

In his lecture Nazareth Karoyan will revisit from current positions his essay titled “Time for no Time. Art as an ontological device”, published as early as in 2007, but still, it can be said, almost unknown. In social-political and existential terms what does the burden taken by art of organising the time mean and how can we understand it today?