“Talks” group and Studio 20 invite you to the lecture and discussion with artist Arman Grigoryan. Everyone should be a self-owner! 800 Euros per month to everyone regardless of their employment status!

Having a big historic experience starting from archaic communities, ancient cities, in terms of building a Christian state and then also communist society and taking into account the results from the experiments of religious and socialist-communist states in many different countries, we can argue that any “collectivist” morality only theoretically is universal, and in practical application it never applies equally to all people.

Moreover, our own Soviet past proves that when the abolishment of private property, nationalization of land and industry and transfering everything to state-ownership is declared a goal - through the control of everybody by the members of community, carrying out checking and counting, coordinating all the decisions with the collective, it leads to the situation that those trained in carrying out the functions of control and punishment, easily making use of the smallest opportunity turn into a ruling class refusing all the universal moral norms and later start also to exploit practically the other members of the society deceived by “collectivist values”. Then they practically recover pre-bourgeois hierarchical social structures.

We should state that this operation of privatizing others is never voluntary, it is always accompanied by violence and aggression. The only universal morality that can exist must be based on the only and absolute principle that everyone belongs to themselves. Everyone is their own property.

Today the antagonism between supporters of individual sovereignty and the advocates of collectivist morality escalated to the point that some political analysts rush to qualify it as a World War.