Studio 20 invites you to the opening of the exhibition “Catalogues” by Aron Rossman-Kiss. The opening will take place on November 12, at 19:00: The exhibition will be open until November 19.

Catalogues is an innovative photo exhibition that aims to offer the visitor an interactive and reflexive experience, questioning our relationship to borders and the link between text and image in the creation of a narrative. It is based on material collected these past two years around contested or critical European and extra-European borders (including Lampedusa, Cyprus, the Turkish- Syrian border, the Evros region, Hungary and Serbia, Kosovo and Georgia’s boundaries).

The exhibition itself consists of 20 analog photographs presented without any text; commentaries, explanations and and and the artist’s point of view are contained in three different albums or “catalogues”, each presenting a different perspective – thus allowing the visitor to create her/his own unique experience and narrative.

Aron Rossman-Kiss is a young visual artist based in Geneva. His work focuses on sociopolitical issues, identity and poetry. For his project about European borders, he made a series of travels in the past two years and collected material during extensive fieldwork around borders.

Interviews and testimonies collected during his trip range from Government or international organization officials to NGO workers, artists sinvolved in representing these issues, refugees, militaries and locals. Choosing to work with analog film gave him the possibility to portray these realities with visuals different than those commonly used today in the field of photo reportage.