Alternative visions for urban green spaces in Yerevan and the Cascade hanging garden

envisioned by Heiko Conrad

The subject of the lecture and discussion with Heiko Conrad who is actively engaged in environmental projects is the idea to create in the heart of the city of Yerevan a Garden and the possibilities of alternative visions of urban green spaces in the city.

Everybody who has been in Armenia knows the so called Cascade, now a private property in fact - a complex with an exterior stairway and a greening area with small gardens. It is one of the most frequented meeting areas in the centre of the city.

The Cascade is at the same time for the last 30 years roughcast. From both sides of the stairway area itself to the left and right there is a grey, rocky and neglected space with haphazard constructions.

Planting a garden on the right and left side of the Cascade would correspond with A. Tamanyan’s idea of a garden city. And it would also revive the garden area which it was before the construction of the Cascade.

It would be an appropriate area to revive the fabulous Hanging Gardens. If people don’t get involved in creating the urban green space it will be transformed into another area for profit-seeking interests.